The Lore

Ivy's Lament

I can only be what I see in light,

I know your left, I know your right,

I know your up, I know your down,

I know your side-to-side.

This Loneliness, it wears on me,

to live, but only see,

the loops and foams of photon seas-

That's what it is to me.

For Gravity, it never wanes,

it holds and pulls what may,

and through the stars and astral planes,

I look and stare your way.

But Time is not your strongest suit,

to perceive all that could be.

And in a way I understand,

Though your Time is weak.

For me, there is no day,

for I there is no night.

There is only all that will be,

and finding you through the light.

...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...

There once was nothing.

No matter, no mass, no moments, no time.

Then there were.

Now awake, Ivy Sirena looked upon the universe of universes, 

watching the light and watching their shapes grow and change.

There was one, they saw, that enchanted them so deeply.

They looked upon this universe, from all sides and directions.

They listened to this universe, but heard no sound.

Saw no light.

Ivy waited.

Eventually the light awakened this universe.

Eventually the light spread throughout.

Eventually, the light brought life.

Ivy Sirena saw this life, but the life did not see them.

The life could see forward, sideways, and up,

But not the Other Direction.

Ivy watched from the Other Direction, and waited.

Until the plants scattered the earth,


made way for more plants,


made way for plants and animals


and then the life returned, and has not yet left again.

Ivy, again, waited.

They watched,

They heard,

but they did not hear a reply.

After the sun had gone around the earth thousands upon thousands of times,

Ivy heard a voice.

The voice called their name.

and Ivy replied.

The animal who called their name did not answer,


they did not understand.


The light showed,

The vibrations swelled,

And the sun left,

Then, they understood.

The animal saw the light.

The animal waited day after day for the sun to leave,

To let Ivy's light shine through.